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Thread: Elvis Presley & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra "if i can dream"

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    Default Elvis Presley & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra "if i can dream"


    obviously not a "new" album because the guy has been dead almost forty years but...
    The Presley Estate retrieved the original studio vocals of Presley of a dozen or so
    tracks and paid the RPO to set the music to those songs....
    songs for the most part are okay as unlike the original mixes Presley's voice is a bit
    more in the foreground so we can hear his rich vocals....
    some of these songs would have done well to have been recorded with an Orchestra originally
    but they weren't, and that's the way it was meant to be...
    Even though this is a well recorded set that doesn't diminish the legacy of Presley I just
    don't know who the heck would want to buy this....
    I mean, im a huge Presley fan and the only way i'll get it is if this is in a discount bin at
    some point....
    that said, 10/10 for the Estate of Presley for trying new things to keep the torch burning
    in Presleyland....

    from the album:

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    the album debuts at #1 on the UK charts this week with 79,000+ sales on its week of release....
    it will probably end up being one of the biggest sellers in the UK this year with the Christmas sales period about to start....

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    debuts at #3 on the New Zealand album chart this week.

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    #1 on debut in Australia this week....
    and im not surprised because my mate Adrian says he sold 25 copies of the disc from his little independent record store this week and has another twelve copies on order
    for customers for this week coming up

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    #21 on debut in the US this week...
    #44in Canada this week also...

    IMO, the US chart has got it about right....#1 is unjustified for any re-recording/re-release IMO, but top20 is fair.

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    The King is king of the UK album charts for a second week....
    sold 89,600 copies this week...

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    second week at #1 here in Australia this week but it slips from #3 to #5 in New Zealand this week.

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