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Thread: Rod Stewart "another country"

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    Default Rod Stewart "another country"

    ROD STEWART "another country"

    first set of original material from Rod in years...
    he can still rock it and still croon ballads...
    not a bad collection of songs, not as good as the
    Tom Jones one, but hey...
    the guy is still out there rocking and rolling on his world tour
    so you cant really knock a guy who has over the last forty plus years
    made some of the most memorable hit singles ever recorded...
    this is one for the Granddads and Grandmas really, he wont tin any new
    fans with it, but it is okay IMO,
    just scrapes by with a pass mark for me.
    his latest single has already been posted in this section of the forum
    only just this week, so heres another from the album...

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    enters the Billboard chart this week at #20

    Spotify listen
    29th album
    was ready to write it off after 5 tracks
    then something kicked in
    shut up CH
    anyway it got better
    probably the slower tracks which is how I prefer Rod
    an ok album

    this was my fav

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    Its the first passable album of his for me since Vagabond Heart from around 1990ish...
    That's the one with Rhythm Of My Heart on it.

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