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Thread: Hello Everyone :) I got a question about you and this forum.

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    Post Hello Everyone :) I got a question about you and this forum.

    Hi everyone,

    My real name is Gerald.
    I actually produce electronic music such as " Electro-House ", " Trap ", etc...

    I don't know what kind of discussions you make in this forum so I want to ask you about it.

    If this is a music forum then where is the problem of exchanging reviews on each others productions ?

    I mean yesterday i registered to a forum and as a beginner i didn't know that i shouldn't post youtube videos for a possible review from forum users and I got banned from that site without any explanation...Oh i are banned for spam...What kind of nonsense is this ?
    Anyway, my point is that if this is a real music forum then it should let people to exchange ideas and opinions on each others production, otherwise it doesn't make sense.

    This i my first time that i register in this site though and I am liking it.

    Sorry for my english. :D

    Waiting for some replies from you guys. :D
    I forgot to tell you that the other site was : " Music Banter ".

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    you may post youtube videos here
    but not the same one multiple times
    or any advertising
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