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Thread: Chris Isaak "first comes the night"

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    Default Chris Isaak "first comes the night"

    Chris Isaak "first comes the night"

    he's not really country, neither is he really a rocker so this one
    goes in the 'easy listening threads...
    not a bad ballad from Chris from his first album in six years, and twelfth
    album overall...
    he has a lovely voice IMO, beautiful tones and composed vocals...
    I like it!

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    still a good voice
    but it seems like he's lost some of the Roy
    I heard some BJ Thomas
    border line for me
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    good call on the BJ Thomas MH....

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    I have a lot of his stuff, but this doesn't work for me. I prefer his "Bakersfield" stuff

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    You wont like the album then R_Burke...
    I've heard three or four off it, they sound similar to the single....

    Sadly, all I own is a compilation....
    Seen him live twice, fantastic performer IMO.

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    I'm a big Isaak fan, but as of late I feel like he's lost most of the "rock" in the "rockabilly" and just been more country. I'm not a huge country guy, so that's fairly disappointing.

    I also miss his real moody and broody songs. :( Those were my favorite Isaak tracks.

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