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Thread: Tiger Crew - Kevin is in Jail

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    Default Tiger Crew - Kevin is in Jail

    TC is about to take over your world! 15 Brothers looking for nothing but trouble...

    No rotten compromises.
    No other crews.
    No bullshit.

    Either you are with TC or you are the enemy. If you're not with TC, we hate you!! It's as simple as that...

    TC - hittin' harder than PCP

    Listen to the first banger Kevin is in Jail...

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    TC has received a letter from jail..Kevin wrote to us!!

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    You have got to be joking,right?

    Utter rubbish!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRAZY-HORSE View Post
    You have got to be joking,right?

    Utter rubbish!!!
    If you think TC is a joke, you must have a very DARK sense of humor...or a very strong wish for TROUBLE!!

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    nice name for the next track
    Kevin's Dark Trouble
    A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.
    Will Rogers

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    Remember..TC is here to STAY!!
    Remember..TC STRIVES on your BULLSHIT!!
    Remember..TC hates other crews!!
    Remember..TC WILL NOT BACK DOWN!!

    Listen to the new banger REMEMBER THE NAME by TIGER CREW!!

    Enter the minds of TIGER CREW on Facebook and Twitter:

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    The Video for Tiger Crew's first BANGER Kevin is in Jail will be released VERY the TEASER!!

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    TC has thought long and hard and we found a very SMART way to get Kevin out of jail..TC has outdone itself AGAIN!! Watch The Kevin is in Jail VIDEO premiere TOMORROW at 6 pm!!

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    Woo Hoo....
    I cant wait for this one, been losing sleep for a few nights now wondering how he'll get out of jail!

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    Tiger Crew got Kevin out of jail!! We are HAPPY to have Kevin back with us. It was fun to get you out, so THANK YOU KEVIN!! Tonight we will gather to celebrate this GLORIOUS victory!! We haven't seen Jason in a while, but that's his loss...more beer for us!!

    Remember, TC stays loyal among each other and will continue to make TROUBLE!!

    TC on Facebook
    TC on Twitter

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