Check out the new album (Lights of Laniakea) from singer and American Songwriting Awards Winner Kathy Sanborn. She has a gentle, warm, sultry voice and it is backed by world-music instrumentation (mostly from India) giving the songs an international sound. It was arranged by well-known world-fusion artist and producer Ricky Kej. Rhythmic, but new age oriented, the music is soothing, and the lyrics thematically explore the cosmos and starlight.

This is intriguing music because Sanborn was previously best-known as a jazz singer (although she has recorded some new age material before too) and a little of that jazziness shows through here (occasionally in her vocal approach, and with the addition of trumpet and muted trumpet into the musical mix). However, the lyrics are definitely new age oriented, and her voice is soft and pretty enough to fit into the new age realm, and since new age music encompasses all kinds of world-fusion collaborations, it is safe to say that this album really does work within the new age genre. She even sings wordless vocalizations on a few tunes (something often heard in new age). So this CD gets a recommended within the new age category.