Deuter - Illumination of the Heart - New Earth

Itís time to celebrate. There is a new Deuter album out. Itís called ILLUMINATION OF THE HEART. This gorgeous recording is perfect new age music -- soft, gentle, blissful, relaxing and flowing. Deuter plays a variety of instruments including the flute, keyboards, cello, piano, guitar and several ethnic instruments. He also softly mixes in his own voice on occasion.

This excellent music takes the listener on a floating ride -- nothing obtrusive or abrasive -- just a deep submergence into the wonderful world of Deuter music. He has been doing this for many decades and he definitely knows which buttons to push and knobs to turn to make us relax, unwind, kick our shoes off and lay back with a smile on our face after a hard day at work. Think of an investment in his CD as the equivalent of a meditation medication. This stuff will put you in the right spot. Donít just take my word for it. If you like new age music, go online, do a search, find some excerpts to listen to and confirm my prognosis.