I'm from Beta Family, an app testing community based in Sweden. I read through the posting rules and think this should be OK here. If not, I apologise and please let me know.

We're currently running a test comparing various music streaming apps (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Rhapsody and Pandora). We’ve filled all the spots for some of them but still have some available for Spotify, Rhapsody and Tidal.

If you’re keen to help determine which app is the best and take part of the results, then follow one of the links below.

The test would be to use the app in a normal way, basically listening to music, but also to explore the different features like for example the Artist biographies/profile pages. And then answer some quick questions on how you think the service performed.

The test is open to all people based in the US using iOS devices.

Link to the tests:

Spotify - https://music-streaming-battle.betaf...eed-item/25340
Rhapsody - https://music-streaming-battle.betaf...eed-item/25341
Tidal - https://music-streaming-battle.betaf...eed-item/25342

Thanks in advance,