Hi everyone,

I am reaching out to the music lover community for help with song ideas for a slide show. I have combed the internet and most websites are aimed towards songs for weddings, birthdays, memorials, reunions, and end of year celebrations.

I was recently blessed to go on a mission trip. The purpose of the mission was to perform reconstructive surgery to small children born with facial deformities in a developing country. I took many pictures documenting this amazing experience, but I can't find music that fits the theme. The pictures are volunteers playing with the children and showing them love and comfort, pre surgery pictures, pictures of the city where the mission took place, and post op pictures of some of the children displaying some of the most beautiful smiles you have ever seen.

I am looking for a medium tempo song, with neutral lyrics.

I like the feel of "Home" from Phillip Phillips to give you an idea, but I am really at a loss.

I am open to anything though, even non-mainstream.

Please help me do these pictures and these wonderful children justice by helping my find awesome music!

Thanks again to everyone!