Sick of performing in the streets while passerby pretends not hearing your music? Frustrated of defining your music to existing mainstream genres to cater to publishers’ financial interests? Dread kissing asses at stressful networking events to get publishers’ attention? Barely making money from your Youtube videos because they don’t have millions of views? Musicians have been ripped off since the time of Mozart. We need a movement, a revolution.

Try, a recently launched full service music publishing platform dedicated to provide independent musicians an unconventional way to earn livings, connect to fans worldwide, and express yourselves the way you want to. Include your Goodtune page links to any post you make elsewhere to direct your fans to tip you and give you feedback. There is nothing in between you and your music, nothing in between your music and the world, nothing in between you and the bitcoin support from your fans.

Touch souls ten of thousands of miles away with your music. You don’t have to spend your savings and conform to others’ expectations to convince them you’re a star. You just need to follow your passion, and people will discover you.

Our mission is to remove boundaries of music, maximize creativity and originality of music, and allow musicians to get what they deserve. Be part of this movement for yourself, your fellow musicians, and the future musicians.