Hey all,

I'm happy to meet a like-minded community of music aficionados. I've been reading some of the posts and there's some great stuff here. I wanted to introduce myself a bit and then start talking music.
My name is William, I live in L.A. and worked in the music industry. Music has always been my biggest passion, it's what gets me most excited and also what calms me the most. I'm not sure what this world would look like without it.

So now music, I've been trying a lot of different approaches to discovering new music with sites like drop.club, Stereogum and Consequence of Sound but I feel like after a while they all seem to be highlighting the same artists, does anyone else feel the same? The only one I've been able to find consistently good content is illumie.com. I came across this post http://illum.ie/1KOnux4 and it cracked me up.

What do ya'll use?