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Thread: Hello everyone !

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    Default Hello everyone !

    I'm Matt a singer, guitarist and music enthusiast.
    Have been searching for some forums to chat, share and review some music. Used to frequent the Metallica message boards a lot in my teenage years, that forum seems to have died when I revisited so am searching for some new music communities.

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    welcome to MD jelly....
    I spent a lot of time in and around Geelong back in the late 1980swhen I was based at HMAS Cerberus with the Royal Australian Navy...
    I had friends who lived near Bells Beach, I used to go there on my downtime and spend a fair bit of time frequenting pubs and clubs in and around Geelong...
    I used to go and watch them play when it was the VFL, Gary Ablett was a legend of the game(as is Gary Jnr now)...

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    Hi Matt, how are you? Welcome to MD :)
    "Live forever."

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