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Thread: Lana Del Ray - Honeymoon

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    Default Lana Del Ray - Honeymoon

    enters the Billboard chart this week at #2

    this is just too damn slow for me
    notice how I preceded the word slow with the word damn
    that was to put emphasis on the word slow
    I like the girls voice but geez, I wanted to pull the words out
    ok to take a nap to I guess
    or as CH said, slit your wrists
    the clip he posted as a single is one of the more upbeat numbers
    here is the title track

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    Hi man I listened to it a lot last week. I have mixed feelings about it. I like Lana Del Rey a lot, "Born To Die" was awesome, one of the best albums in 2012. "Ultraviolence" was a bit weaker for me but still had cool strong tunes. "Honeymoon"... well it's weak. Her voice is still in place but the songs are just too slow, repetitive and overall boring :(.
    4/10 - I expected a lot more from her.
    "Live forever."

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    I bought Born To Die as an end of year purchase the year it was released on the strength of it being near the top of all those "albums of the year" lists....
    Idont like it..
    listened to Ultraviolnce online when it came out, didn't like that one neither...

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