IRON MAIDEN "the book of souls"

"online listen":

over one hundred minutes of music spread over eleven tracks...
lots of wanksy self indulgent solos abound...
these guys believe their own 'myth of self importance' in the
scheme of music IMO....
was never a fan of their albums, only their singles...
the music for the most part sounds like a million
other hard rock/metal bands, they've lost their unique style
on this one(and maybe a few before this for all I know(because I
haven't heard a new album of theirs in a couple of decades...)
a WTF moment on this one...
I mean what the heck is a 'hard rock/metal' band doing
by recording a tribute to a dead comedian(Robin Williams), I mean
it just doesn't suit them of their image, but that said, that song
is the best of a very-very average collection of head banging noise!

from the album:

"tears of a clown(tribute to Robin Williams)" audio link