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    Default music trials

    The list is all the major entertainment companies we found who are offering the free trial to the music lovers to try out their service. We think it could benefit the members in this forums who would like to take advantage of the trial period.

    It also include the sign up and cancellation tips for each trial that we collected by trying it out ourselves of their services. It would help users who would like to use them.
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    Default short but still valuable listing for full-length free music

    I used several of the music free trials in the list. Yahoo Music so far was the best in my opinion. Even though it is not in mp3 format, you could use some recording software to record it while listening. First time heard about JoyTry. Hope to see more free music trials in the list.

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    I am removing the word 'Free' from your thread title. As a community we have learnt that nothing is for free.

    I am giving you the chance to edit this thread to tell us what the link is about, as I don't have a clue and frankly not interested to click on the link to find out. If this is not done in the next 24 hours then consider this thread deleted. You have been given another chance to promote properly and not lazy.

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