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Thread: Hello, i'm sad of Grooveshark RIP

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    Cool Hello Music fans ;),

    Hello all,

    Why my pseudo is "Master of Chillout"? i originally created it on Grooveshark and be part of "Master of" Grooveshark comunities.
    A community dedicated for sharing and discovering music.

    I've past a lot of times on Grooveshark, discovering and sharing music.
    Broadcast was an amazing feature on Grooveshark to share and discovering music.

    Grooveshark RIP so communities are like disappeared, Communities have been recreated on but it is not like Grooveshark ;(.

    I like relaxing while listening smooth Electronic, Chillout, Chillhop, Downtempo, Lounge, Ambient, New age, Instrumental music genres and
    sharing/discovering music so i've recreated on a channel/radio "Master of Chillout" community:

    "Chill, Relaxing, Positive?" is my/our chillout way.

    So if you want relaxing while listening those genres, you are welcome ;).

    My Top Mix playlist with those music genres:

    My latest mix (Pure chillout mix):


    Master of Chillout community co-founder
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