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Thread: Hello! Musician Always looking to be Inspired

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    Default HELP: what tools do you use for a high quality-sounding recording?

    Hello all.

    My name is Natalie Shaw. I sing, write music, and collaborate with my sister who also sings and plays piano.

    I'm new to SoundCloud / recording music and I need help.

    What apps / tools / equipment do you use to record good music?? Mind you, I AM a poor college student who likes cheap things and not expensive recording studio sessions..... :)

    Thanks so much!!

    Natalie Shaw
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    OK going to stick my neck out here. I am not a fan of your music but it does have something quirky and original. One very important point - the recording is crap. Super crap. If you polish up the phrasing a bit and record this in a real studio or at least a room equipped with the right gear you might just have something. Kate Bush comes to mind for some or other reason??!!?? A bit of bass and some percussion would help too. Remember to leave some space for the music and not have vocals going all the time - it creates a mood and then when the lyrics come in they are just that bit more powerful. The spaces between the notes are just as important as the notes themselves (instruments AND vocals). Just my opinion - take it or leave it. I think if you work at this a little harder you might just have something to offer the masses. Good luck.
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