Hi, I've been writing and recording songs for 15 years in the Americana and folk genres. The process I'm interested in pursuing is that I now have a DAW set up with pro tools 11 with a decent mic I'd like to collaborate with other musicians to record via the internet. Sending out sessions via dropbox.

i've recorded in the past in a home studio of someone I've worked with in the past and am hoping to bring down the costs of doing this. I can produce a a clean guitar vocal on this new set up but wish to work with other musicians if I can afford it. I'd like to create a sparse arrangement with just electric guitar, bass and percussion added to the pro tools session i would send out to them.

Is there a cost efficient site or sites where musicians can do this? Is it possible to collaborate with folks I meet here? I can't afford what the usual going rates are I've seen since I live on my compensation as a disabled veteran. Anyone who can point me in the right direction or give advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!