My Friend & I Came Across This Video On Facebook Of This Young Guy Spitting A Crazy Freestyle Over J. Cole's In The Morning Beat. Now, The Really Crazy Part Is The Fact That This Guy Has A TEDDY BEAR For A Chain! And If That Wasn't Crazy Enough, THE TEDDY BEAR HAS ON A PAIR OF JORDANS! I Can't Even Afford Jordans For My Children, But This Guy Is Buying Them For His TEDDY BEAR! I'm Both Amazed & Dumbfounded At The Fact That He Actually Goes Outside In The Middle Of New York, With A Well-Dressed Teddy Around His Neck, Without Getting Jumped & Robbed, Or Worse. I Don't Know If He Should Be Meeting With A Record Label Or A Therapist. I Will Be Waiting To Hear More Music From Him Though.

Here's The Link To His Video & His Facebook Page.