Pianist DAN CHADBURN is back with another delectable recording, KEYS OF LIGHT, that captures the essence of his two previous Top 10 Zone Music Reporter Chart albums (NOCTURNES and WHISPERS THE FALLING SNOW), and goes a step further. The new album has three solo piano pieces (the first tune, the last one and “My Irish Love” in the middle). The rest of the tunes (like NOCTURNES) are piano backed with other instruments -- flute, English horn, French horn, violin, viola and cello as well as the occasional sounds of a synthesizer. What makes this album a little different is that it sounds like Chadburn improvises somewhat less and has worked out the melodies a bit more (which you would expect when multiple instruments are involved). This makes for a strong new recording.

The music was influenced and inspired by people Chadburn has known or heard about. These include a teacher, a doctor, friends, loved ones, and a couple of young men who lost their lives because they were gay. So strong emotions abound, although the music is generally gentle and soothing. In fact, the music could very well be used for grieving or in any sort of healing or recovery situation. It is calming, soothing, yet uplifting. The classical instruments also give the music an overall spiritual ambience.