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Thread: I call on the collective to aid in my search for a song which I can not find.

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    Default I call on the collective to aid in my search for a song which I can not find.

    All bio-processors,
    I need help finding a song to which the only lyrics are "eenie meenie" (as in eene meene miny moe). I believe it to be an electronic/jazz genera. I've heard it a number of times on my Pandora station (which station I am now unsure but I believe it to be my Zero 7 one) and now that this song is in my head I can't seem to find it again!!!! Every chorus is just Ennie meanie x4 and then it goes into a sweet jazz guitar riff (or a tricked out rhodes). No matter how hard I scour the net and the you tubes, I can't too find but a few main stream songs and then children's songs. I will list what it is not as to avoid the spam of incorrect information

    it is NOT Sean Kingston, Justin Bieber - Eenie Meenie ft. Justin Bieber
    it is NOT Jeffrey Osborne - Eenie Meenie - 1982
    it is NOT Any children's song
    it is NOT Any song that includes miney moe
    Again, the ONLY lyrics are Eenie Meenie

    Thanks for stoppin by! Stay Classy!
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    I found it! I found it! Finally, it showed up on another persons Pandora for Zero 7. It is on the album by Jim Noir "Tower Of Love". The song title is Eanie Meany 2 (Instrumental). Very hard to find on youtube unless you know that title but here it is for you to have a listen.

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