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Thread: Thankyou MD for letting me in

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    Default Thankyou MD for letting me in

    hi all my name is stu, artist name jsm...

    always been playing around with music aswell as listening to music, and it never ceases to amaze me just how many people place sooo much emphasis on music in general...

    love spending time online ranting and raving about things i am passionate about, and also love to hear other peoples views and opinion on things as to me it is a wonderful way to learn lifes lessons without having to be dragged through kicking and screaming...

    i look forward very much to getting to know some of you and wish you all, all the best, oh! and thanx to M D for letting me join...

    love, light, learn, live.

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    Welcome to the site, there are many varied avenues of interest catered for, including 'ranting and raving'!

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