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Thread: What is your favourite Soundtrack?

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    Default What is your favourite Soundtrack?

    Hi people!What is your favourite soundtrack and from which movie is it taken?Mine is "Time" composed by Hans Zimmer taken from the movie Inception.Btw,if you are interested you could check my new music blog where I am talking about music and give some tips!Thanks for your support!

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    My most favorite soundtrack is the soundtrack from the Road House 2 film because four songs from my most favorite singer James Otto are a part of it.

    God bless you and him always!!!


    P.S. Sadly the soundtrack never did become available to buy and I hate it because the first song from James that gets played in the film is so good. It actually gets the film started and everything!!!
    Listen to my most favorite singer here sometime, James Otto that is!

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    South Park the movie! lol

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    the soundtrack from the[1997]movie[lovejones]is a good one.

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