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    Hi, Iīm MERLOX, 20 years old producer of EDM music making a new song daily. I like sports, turtles and of course music: house, dance, dubstep, future bass and nu disco are my favorite genres.

    My best song so far, made today :

    I think itīs pretty ******* good but you can tell if it sounds good or itīs pure shit. Comments, critics and insults are totally accepted.

    Have fun.


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    love the chords, but just wished you could compress the percussion over the backing so as to give it all that sense of ungency that this genere so craves...

    having said that i do like the way you do your changes, your breaks, drops, etc. good work keep it up m8...

    ps. luv the snidy laugh there, talk about tight timing...

    pps. luv sum of the names, kangaroo dubstep and melodicfrog...

    luv what you done in some noises, thats a nice piece of creativity there...
    overall, a bloody good job, and well worth the time, it was nothing less than a pleasure, thank you...

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