Fellow Professionals,

Wanted to introduce you all to a panel being proposed in upcoming SXSW. The panel relates to giving credits to all professionals (not just lead performing artists) for their contributions at various levels. A publicly accessible vetted professional profile with all the credits, not only helps in getting recognition and new opportunities, but also directly associated to royalties and payments in many cases. Therefore, it is not just critical in the early stage, and reminder of the professional career, but also for the legacy beyond that.

It takes a lot of effort to find professional credits these days on anything digitally. Why? Because no authoritative entity or resource is in charge of authenticating, standardizing, and providing credits as a whole - to whomever may be looking for or needing them. The question that begs to be asked is then, "Whose responsibility SHOULD it be to preserve credits as part of professional history and legacy?"

Music plays a key role in any Film, TV, or Theater project. We are starting off with music, offering a solution and comprehensive platform called ProMusicDB: The Professional Music Database. Endorsed by the American Federation of Musicians and the Music Library Association, panelists will discuss archiving music metadata and why it is now so historically significant.

Questions to be addressed:
Who is gaining and who is losing out by not having an authoritative music credits entity or database?
How will authenticating and standardizing one's music credits help a musician get discovered and get paid, or help a music organization pay them?
Why should a musician, songwriter, or music organization care about the accuracy of their credits when they are archived, or how they are dispersed?

For more background

I sincerely hope that many of the professionals here, will find this effort relevant, and if you would like to join the discussion please, support our panel idea with your vote at