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Thread: chris kriebel - Live From The Bedroom

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    Talking chris kriebel - Live From The Bedroom

    Hello rock music friends, if you like the doors, seether, three days grace, hinder or bands like that i think you'll like my stuff, you can get my 6 song cd on google play music for only 99 cents, and if you'd rather check a song of mine out first then here's a song off the cd I hope you enjoy it and i look forward to giving you guys more! here's a link to the cd on the google store
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    I never was the best speller, but thanks for giving my song a listen , I removed the lyrics from the video so people can just listen.

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    No sweat - your track's not bad but it needs a bit of work here and there.
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    yea I know , that's why i'm selling it so cheap, trying to get a little noticed hoping I can get some equipment help or a internet band , I only use my computer and a old guitar hero mic, for only using that i think it's pretty good! it is also recorded live which is where the name of the album comes from. I really appreciate your feedback.

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