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    Cool Hello Everyone

    Hi everyone.

    I am an intermediate level guitarist. But I am still interested in learning new tricks. I started learning the instrument solidly almost a year ago. I want to get involved with the music community in general and this seems like one of a few good places to start. So hello.

    My main weapon of choice is a Yamaha Pacifica electric guitar. But I am not very good at playing lead yet. I also own a Hudson 6 String Jumbo Acoustic. And an Ashton nylon string classic guitar. Later on, this Autumn I am planning to add a Vintage(Brand) 12 string Acoustic to my collection.

    I'm definitely more in love with the Acoustic sound than the electric. But I will keep practicing to be an expert in both.
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    Hi and welcome Dust The acoustic is my choice too.
    I have a Wasburn. I used to have a Yamaha. It sounded
    great but I sold it to my brother who is a great guitar player

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