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Thread: 80s Euro/Italo Disco & New Wave

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    Default 80s Euro/Italo Disco & New Wave

    Does anyone listen to this stuff? Mostly from Europe back in the 80s.... Really some cool groups like Modern Talking, Bad Boys Blues, Silent Circle, etc....share your memories or the songs you don't have to be old to like them too..

    You're My Heart You're My Soul is a classic.

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    Thanks for bringing this to our attention,. I need to look deeper into this--a legit music form, to be sure. Please present more, with music examples, please.
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    One of my all time favorite tunes...Public Passion "Flash In The Night"

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    Baltinore "Strangers In The Night" radio ver

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    one of my favorite all time songs....Risen From The Ranks "AIDS" 1985

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    Slient Circle "Stop The Rain In The Night"

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    if anyone has any they would like to share or contribute...please do is Den Harrow "Future Brain"

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    Scala "Perfume Of Love"

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    another fav of mine....Airplay "For Your Love"

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    Lime "Unexpected Lovers"

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