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Thread: Joanna Newsom "sapokanikan"

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    Default Joanna Newsom "sapokanikan"

    Joanna Newsom "sapokanikan"

    three weird tracks and/or videos in a row for me today....
    normal vid, weird vocal quality...
    I cant understand a bloody word she is singing...
    remoinds me of some of Kate Bush's hard to hear vocals crossed
    with Bjork's weirdness...
    I like the tune/melody, but like I said, I don't know what the heck she is singing about!
    and I have no idea what a Sapokanikan is????

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    love that little squeaky voice
    for me she's got it all over Tori and Fiona for this genre
    love watching her perform also
    and yea, the Kate Bush is there also
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