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Thread: YOUR HOME STUDIO - professional online music studio for everyone

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    Default YOUR HOME STUDIO - professional online music studio for everyone

    YOUR HOME STUDIO is a professional and affordable music studio for everyone. We offer services like: session musicians, mastering, composition, music for your site, YouTube channel, podcast, soundtracks etc.

    Prices starting from only 10$ per minute!

    If you want to find out more about us check our site:

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    Ioana, you are a very talented woman - but 10 dollars a minute! So you expect someone to pay 600 dollars for an hours work trying to get a single part correct. I have used top quality studios that charge half of that price. And some even less. You are way overpriced. I doubt very much you are going to get any clients. Look at the pricing of - a REAL actual physical studio - not a computer and a couple of microphones. And you only have three samples on your site so you cannot expect to be charging ridiculous rates when you have no pedigree. Where are the photos of the 'studio'?
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    $600 p/h....WTF!!!!
    Who is doing the work, Sir George Martin?

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    ....and $10 per minute, is everything timed to the minute...

    So if your guys go take a crap for 10 minutes that costs $100...
    That would give me the shits!

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