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Thread: One Direction "drag me down"

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    Default One Direction "drag me down"

    ONE DIRECTION "drag me down"

    single debuts at #1 on the UK charts this week...
    2.03 million people in the UK have streamed it via Spotify/iTunes etc
    in its first week of release....
    it is also their fourth UK #1...

    I hate to say it but....
    I liked the live performance I have linked above.

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    #1 on debut here in Australia this week also!

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    #1 on debut in New Zealand also....

    has it done the same in the US(MH) or Canada(SteveO)????

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    comes in at #3 here

    don't really care for it
    but it's better than most of the crap that comes out
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    I love it when someone speaks his/her mind. Done with typical MH flair........
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