Loving musicals also gives me an arbitrary love for musical movies. Some musicals deserve to be made into films from stage. However, there are some musicals that originated from film, obviously. And a lot of them deserve to be made into stage shows. Unlike Disney's Tarzan. I really didn't see the appeal of that show. Anyways, this is the top five musical movies that need a stage show!
5.Blues Brothers
The Blues Brothers is a film starring Dan Akroyd based off of the sketches from Saturday Night Live. Now, most film adaptations of small sketches don't turn out well. I mean, sure Good Burger didn't turn out well, but it is one of my guilty pleasure films. Don't judge me. Anyways, this film is great, being filled with music to the core. Now, I really do think that this could be put into a stage show. Of course, we'd have to get rid of the humongous car chase scene. Sorry, guys. I know, I can hear you sobbing.
4.The Phantom of the Paradise
The Phantom of the Paradise is a film that really lampoons the original Phantom of the Opera. It is a modern re-telling of the phantom of the opera. It is to Phantom of the Opera as The Lion King is to Hamlet. It is an ultra-creative retelling of this story and I'd really love to see a stage adaptation to this one. I mean, with Phantom of the Opera still on Broadway, Phantom of Paradise could actually give Phantom of the Opera a run for its money, right?.....Right? Meh. We all know that would never happen.
3.The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies
Now, I know I"ve already talked about this one in my top ten Most "different musicals list.ideas list. So, if you wanna hear more in depth about it, (click this link here:http://www.music-discussion.com/show...n-t-Well-Known ). I definitely express that this musical is definitely not good. It is horrible. However, if you have seen "The Brain From Planet X," "Song of the Dead," or many other parodies, I think that this one has the potential to be a lampooning musical, lampooning its original content. When I write my musical, I intend to write a lampooning musical, and if it hasn't been done yet, this might be what I write. Because this is comedy gold. Really.
2. Pete's Dragon
This one was a given. I don't know why nobody has thought of this before! Okay, so Broadway isn't as broad as you would think. They are beginning to lack shows for children. I mean, you can find more children's shows Off-Broadway, like the stage adaptation of "Really Rosie." I mean, sure, you have family friendly shows like, "The Lion King," "Aladdin," and "Matilda," but that's about it. A lot of the other stuff is either with adult humor or more sophisticated stuff that isn't really reared around kids. Sure, I definitely believe kids can handle some of the serious stuff (Like Fiddler on the Roof, which is coming back to Broadway in September. I know I enjoyed that when I was little. I was a weird kid), but sometimes you just need something kids can relate to. I think Pete's Dragon is perfect for its child-friendly lesson and its friendly characters, one of which was originally played by Mickey Rooney. I also think this would be a great, marvelous chance to have some puppeteering. Obviously, if you have seen the movie, you know that the dragon is animated, while the humans are live-action. However, this is where some amazing Broadway technology comes in. People on Broadway and in other places have been making humongous puppets that work fine for a long time. In fact, some theatre Off-Broadway has been making a production of "King Kong: the Musical." The puppet in King Kong is astounding and so realistic. It moves so fluently with many operators. Now, We could make the Dragon a large-scale puppet, but make it so that it is easy to control with maybe a body suit (like Big Bird from Sesame Street, or Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors). It would be excellent Broadway magic.
1. Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Nightmare Before Christmas is my third favorite movie of all time and certainly my favorite holiday flick. It is an excellente macabre story written by Tim Burton (not directed, though. He was too busy with Batman) that was entirely in stop-motion. It was the first full-length stop-motion film. This was the first time in a while, though, that Danny Elfman got to compose songs with lyrics for a while. He was even the singing voice for the main protagonist. I think this show has endless possibilities for Broadway. From amazing puppets to amazing costumes and amazing environments, this would be a combination between the Lion King and Shrek the Musical, but on steroids. It has to be the best idea ever for a stage adaptation. However, for some reason, Tim Burton doesn't want over-exploitation of his characters. As a writer, don't you want that?
Are there any musical movies that haven't been made into stage shows yet that you think should of? Do you disagree with my list? Please discuss! I love discussing musicals with people! Thanks for reading!