Hello guys!
I'm a singer/songwriter from Prato, a town near Florence, Italy. Over the past few years, I've been setting up a small home studio in my bedroom, where I can fully express my recording and producing needs. I love reading, listening to other artists' music, playing the piano, and - of course - singing and writing. The artist that I'm currently obsessed with is Sia, an Australian songwriter: I like many of her songs, mostly the ones she wrote back in 2009/10. I also like her new album, even though it's very different from her past ones. Other artists and bands that I enjoy listening to are Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Daughter, Hozier, David Bowie and some tracks by Bjork.

Hope I'll find a joyful place to share my interests and thoughts about music!

If you want to have a listen to some of the tracks that I write and produce, here they are: http://soundcloud.com/karim-afas/ I appreciate it!