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    I'm basically interested in finding out how often fellow commuters update their music, and what do you use to find new music?

    The problem I have is I often just watch lots of random new music videos on youtube over the weekend, and usually just pick out the very small number of songs I click with, say 5 to 10. I then update my ipod with these and listen to them for the rest of the week - eventually hating the songs by the end of the week because I've heard them so many times!

    I really wished there was an easier way to discover new music so I'm wondering what approach do you guys use? Do you proactively go through lots of playlists on spotify? Do you update your offline music player device every so often? Do you get tired of listening to the same music on repeat?

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    I watch youtube at lunchtime and send links to my home email to upload into my ipod for the next week. I usually do live concerts which are longer than song videos so 4 or 5 last me for the next week of commuting.

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    You could always listen to the radio

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