Hi everyone, my name is Asaf, and I'm into all kind of music, a little bit of everything, one might say.

This post is not about spamming or self promoting (hell no), it's more about Music Revolution, and I need your help..

I wish to establish a new Music Platform, which will allow you, singers and bands, to live stream your live show and make sure all viewers pay for it. Using a mechanism which based on Entities (all functions which participates in a single live show) and Groups (viewers), we can do it!

Also, this platform will enable potential singers, writers, composers and instrumental players to make their brake into the Music Industry by using creator's virtual store, and connect with other creators in order to make more music, plenty of it, because there can never be too much music.

The project is on Indiegogo, and needs your little boost in order to make it happen.


Launching a campaign on Crowdfunding platform, using social networks is basically against my nature, it doesn't feel like 'me'. And yet, this platform, MakeaBrake.com is a revolution, and I just couldn't give up on making it happen and bring the joy of live show to everyone & everywhere, and enable new creators to shine.

I've filed a Provisional Patent Application, and I own the domain. will you help me?:)