Hello, i'm new to the forum. I am looking forward to reading comments and discussions over the next few days. As a middle aged man I have been dealing with change over the last few years. Change which has been foisted on me by the business and then changes I have made in order to respond to the changes that have been forced upon me. I wonder how other musicians deal with the aging process? Certain gigs are no longer offered, ageism can be experienced. I decided to market a more "age appropriate band" It seems to have worked and the band is definitely successful. I've written an article see below. Feel free to read it, or not, as you wish and feel free to discuss. http://ukjazzband.co.uk/dealing-with-change-in-music/ My website is http://ukjazzband.co.uk the band I run is a New Orleans themed band. Still not an area of music over subscribed!! Best Wishes Jeff Williams.