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Thread: FANTASTIC album covers

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    Default FANTASTIC album covers

    seeing as I started a thread about terrible album covers it is only fair I give due credit to the album covers that really 'hit the spot',
    its just a shame that the advent of the CD minimalized cover art due to its decreased size because there are some absolutely classic works or art/photos on album covers.
    feel free to contribute your favourite album covers also...
    i'll start with possibly my favourite album cover of all time...

    DIRE STRAITS "love over gold"

    absolute perfection IMO, and the album itself is pure perfection also
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    PAUL WELLER "22 dreams"

    being a double vinyl album we obviously have a gatefold sleeve which is simply divine IMO

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    MEATLOAF "deadringer"

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    SMALL FACES "ogdens nut gone flake"

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    good one MH, that was on my list to post!
    but heres my favourite of theirs,also happens to be my favourite album of theirs also...

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    this next one could be in either list depending on what you think about it,
    me I think its brilliantly simple..."white" for purity, and by that stage they didn't need to make covers,they were going to sell
    bucket loads whatever was on the cover,
    so we get that plain white cover, a total contrast to the music within...songs of death,murder,drugs,suicide, all deep and dark....!

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