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    I've been looking for a music forum for awhile. Saw this site in a search and it looks great, I joined today! I love EDM like techno, trance, ambient. But I also like a variety of stuff like rock, rap, pop, j-pop, dance, oldies. But I'll pretty much listen to anything except country, classical, or opera! EDM is my first love tho! Deadmau5 is a fave! But I like anything that puts me in that music groove... I may just turn to a trance station for example and just let that music play for an hr or more even if I didn't know who was playing (i do of course chk to see). Music makes life worth living

    Great to be a part of this site!

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    Glad to have you with us, TK. The great thing about MD is the discovery of the unexpected--you never know where our Threads and your imagination will take you. "If you care, share." And BTW I'm a cat guy, so your handle strikes a chord.
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    Yeah this site looks great for music discovery, I'm glad I found it! It looks fun . I currently just have a dog. But yeah I'm more of a cat person myself as well! It had to be part of my name

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