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    Default Hi, I'm Drummermanpb

    I'm new to this forum so I suppose he best way to introduce myself is to give you my Profile.
    Having just joined and I'm looking forward to chatting with many of you. As my username indicates, I am a drummer with 67 years experience and just decided that it is time to retire from the active professional career. I have had a wonderful career which took me to the top of the music world in the four corners of the world. My music career commenced by learning and playing in Scottish Bag Pipe Bands, which gave me a grounding that enabled me learn rudiments and methods that took me into the world of Military, Jazz, and Big Band sphere's. This also enabled me to become a sponsored drummer, and an opportunity to study music at the RMCM in the UK. The enjoyment I got from playing at some of the worlds top venue's, plus both the music and movie industry world's, are memories that will remain with me for a long time. Now I would like to offer my experience to assist other drummers on their road to their drumming career's. Feel free to ask any questions

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    welcome to MD.....

    who are your favourite musicians and bands????

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