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Thread: The advantages of a non-exclusive agreement

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    Question The advantages of a non-exclusive agreement

    When producers/artists create original music, it becomes his/her property and most of them approach music libraries, music licensing companies and music publishers in order to reach a larger audience. The track, if accepted by the licensor/publisher/library, can be used for various purposes, some of these include films, commercials, video games by producers and broadcasters etc. Once the music is accepted, an Exclusive or a Non-Exclusive agreement can be signed. The latter has been gaining popularity with music creators as a result of its advantages. This article will attempt to outline some of these benefits.

    The advantage of a non-exclusive agreement
    The most prominent benefit of a non-exclusive agreement is that the music creator maintains the rights to the track allowing him/her to remain in full control of the music. A non-exclusive agreement gives the music licensing company/publisher the right to use it for specific purposes. The non-exclusivity of the agreement means that the artist/producer can grant licenses to multiple parties simultaneously. One publisher/music licensing company may use it in a commercial, the other in a video game and another might license it to a broadcaster, thus not only increasing your potential exposure but also your income.

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