In advance, sorry for my English.
I have an existential doubt. In 2012 I traveled to Barcelona with my friend, and in the street heard this street singer. Since then, his songs have been very important to us, but ... we do not know his name, nor the lyrics of their songs, and no data singer.

We have searched the internet, and we only found a video on Youtube of a person who traveled to Barcelona this year where the street singer appears.

Does anyone (by chance) can recognize the street singer? Surely it is a man who is traveling around the world making a living singing, because in the following years he disappeared from Barcelona.

And one last thing ... Anyone could write the lyrics of his songs (I now leave the videos) in the comments? I really appreciate it!
I only know that one of my recordings, he sings a song of Bob Dylan.

1st video: -

2nd video:
(Go to the minute video "3:11", because the first song is "Bob Dylan - Let me die in my footsteps")