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Thread: Hello, I'm new to this site and working on stagefright

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    Default Hello, I'm new to this site and working on stagefright

    Hello, I am new to this forum and am hoping to get some practice playing for some people via skype or some live-streaming. I of course would be an audience for others who are looking for the same. I play guitar, mostly classical but definatley suffer from stagefright. It might be a good way for others who's playng is hampered by stagefright to get over it.

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    how about starting in a public place, but just far away enough from the walkways to give you a little room to relax...

    seriously, you have nothing to fear but fear itself. and you have no need to be afraid as it is merely a mindset...

    think of a way to play in public, that might be comfortable with you, better still, take a friend and get him or her to video it, then put it on your youtube channel, and post it up here...

    we have all had criticism, and we have all had praise, but it is your free will and choice to give your attention and your energy to whomever you choose. in other words focus on the positive and not the negative. find a way round that is suited to you and go out and make it happen for you...

    good luck and wish you all the best...

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