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Thread: Hi, I am new here

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    Default Hi, I am new here

    Hi, everybody. I am a new user of this site.
    I am not a native English speaker. Hopefully my grammar mistakes would not affect communicating with you guys.
    I come from China, and I play Chinese bamboo flute. I have made a small piece of audio recording here to everyone:

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    hi tp...

    its moments like this, and pieces like this, that make it a pleasure...

    i spent so much time being clever, and programming clever music, that i just plain forgot to pick up an instrument and simply spontaneously play...

    i love what you have done here...

    perhaps some eq, and a nice soft quiet long reverb wouls sparkle it up and stick a video together for youtube too...

    go on, give it a try...
    in love & light friend

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