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    The documentary about Lance Armstrong - a classic sociopath. What struck me about this was how many powerful people he managed to get on his side. Even managed to get a Federal investigation squashed. And everyone bought it. He would have been a perfect politician. And the thing that drove him to defeat? His own ego. Just had to get on the roundabout one more time. The last five minutes of the movie are the most revealing - there are some things he is just never going to admit. Not because of the problems it will cause those concerned, but because he can't admit it to himself. Sad really, because I think he was a great athlete. But just when you think you are invincible Mother Nature throws you this curved ball.....
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    like you Jerome, thought he as a 'great athlete' moreso when he came back just as strong from his cancer episode....
    I used to play high level cricket cricket back in the day, I have no time for cheats though and now we know he was a cheat, know!

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