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Thread: Looking for a licence free theme music for a netcast

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    Default Looking for a licence free theme music for a netcast


    I didn't want to spam the music forums, because I think this post is more off topic.

    I am looking for a licence free theme music for a podcast project. I have searched many sites like jamendo, incompetech etc. for music. Of course, I was not able to listen to ALL songs, but I did put a lot of effort in it already. Until now I did not find a satisfying piece of music. So I would like to ask you, if you could help me out. Maybe you have some artist in mind...?

    Following aspects should be met:
    - licence free (creative commons) music
    - groovy
    - maybe oldschool sound
    - I need 15 to 45 seconds of music
    - nothing sad or really happy
    - interesting
    - orchestral music would be okay, if its not too epic and heroic
    - no chorus
    - in best case it should be a memorable theme
    - fanfare would be nice too

    Maybe similar to this (the first 15 seconds):
    Or this (well known) piece at 2 min:
    I love the "grooving part" at 2:18 to 2:26

    Thank you soooo very much!

    Oh I forgot. The netcast is about environmental topics... (but please no bird twittering) :-)
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