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Thread: Nate Ruess - Grand Romantic

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    Default Nate Ruess - Grand Romantic

    enters the Billboard chart this week at #7

    thought CH had posted this but I can't find it
    not as good as I was hoping for
    he's said to be in love
    and this album is telling you that
    the mate is Mark Ronson's sister
    not sure I would like that match up in the studio
    so here's hoping it don't come to that
    love Nate's voice and it was more out front the more I got into this album
    still don't think it comes close to his Fun stuff
    or the gig with Pink

    this is the second single
    first was that Nothing Without Love thing
    don't care for this
    hate the video

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    you are correct Sir....I have not posted it previously....!

    I don't like the link much...too 'bisty' for me ie: too many styles thrown in the mix....
    he still sounds like Freddie Mercury in places though

    Fun.'s "some nights" album was going to be a hard act to follow,that album was fantastic.

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    Nate have a very good high voice... great singer

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