Almost anything has been made into a musical. From Cannibalism (Cannibal: The Musical) to marijuana addiction (Reefer Madness), movie musicals can be even more surreal than Stage Shows. This can be film musicals. So, this excludes stage musicals (Sorry Avenue Q, 25th Annual Putnman County Spelling Bee, and the Brain from Planet X), however, the film can be adapted from stage musicals. It can range from any topic and excludes well-known musicals (sorry, Little Shop of Horrors. I love you, but we'll save you for another day.) It doesn't have to be a good show, either. It just has to be really weird. So, let's jump into the world of Strange and surreal topic matter musical films.

5. Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog

This may be cheating a little bit, seeing how technically Dr. Horrible isn't of full film length. Dr. Horrible was a musical made during the writer's strike for public domain on the internet. It wasn't a full-length film, seeing how it was only 40 minutes long. It was more like a Musical Short. It starred many stars such as Neil Patrick harris and Nathan Fillion. I know this doesn't seem too surreal of a show, seeing how it is just about super villains. However, what adds to the zaniness, you get some webcam blogs from Dr. Horrible about his scheming and the music is also really good.Another mentionable thing about it is that the audio commentary is a musical! Commentary: the Musical is so amazingly different. For example, these two numbers that are a number and its reprise, titled, "Bad Horse Chorus." The first one is a letter that Dr. Horrible is getting from the Evil League of Evil stating that he needs to do something evil to get in. Then, the reprise states that he cannot get in unless he kills someone. These numbers are my favorite because of how creative they are. I'd love for a cowboy chorus to sing to me every time I get a letter/phone call.
Bad Horse Chorus:
Bad Horse Chorus (Reprise):

4. Popeye
Disclaimer: I really dislike the Popeye and am putting it on here because it is surreal
Popeye is a special kind of musical. The songs aren't memorable and are pretty bad except for "I'm Mean." There isn't much to say. It is a musical made off of Popeye and wasn't very good to me. It just is a memorable idea that did have potential. There is a Popeye movie coming out now, but I'm sure it won't be a good musical. Anyways, I'll give you the least annoying song and one that is actually good, "I'm Mean."

3. The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies (TISCWSLABMUZ)
Another musical that isn't....very good. I can't even remember any numbers, so instead of putting one song here, I'm gonna put Pawdugan's review of it in Music Movies on Channel Awesome. The reason it got remembered is because it is really stupid. The Mystery Science Theatre 3000 episode put it on the map. It is just so weird that I still can watch it.

2.Cannibal: The Musical
Oh boy, this one is weird. Some things don't have the ability to be a musical, but it doesn't stop things. Like TISCWSLABMUZ didn't really have the ability. However, Cannibal, made by Trey Parker, is one of the most different things out there. So, there isn't much to say about this show other than...What the Hell?! It has some good tunes, however. One of the best in there is, "Let's Build a Snowman," where the priest of the group is going insane. They sang snowman building songs before it was cool.

1. Repo: The Genetic Opera
This one...this one is gruesome. It is amazing, but gruesome. It is an opera that is entirely heavy metal. The story is about a repo man who repos organs if you cannot pay for them. It is so dark of a story, but it is a very good movie, but isn't for the weak in the stomach. One of the most memorable song is Chase the Morning. This show is gruesome and very gritty with crude language. So, if you are weak at heart or stomach, this isn't for you:

Any you think should have been on the list? Discuss in the comments! I won't bite! (Trey Parker's Cannibals might, though XD)