One of the founders and mavens of Chicago's free-form everything music, Ernest Dawkins, took a big side-step with a more conventional, straight-ahead-jazz album in '12 (his latest--he's due another). A look at his Discog for 20 years shows stars galore: << All "free" music--jazz, classical, whatever came to his fertile imagination and his bandmates imaginative and practical skills.
And then he changes up. Here's Ron Weinstock's blog entry: His Wiki: and his Site:
Some tunes from that album (1 "free" piece at the end): << He's found that place just inside the limits of accessibility...and played beautifully there. A superior take. An OMG take on this classic--listen through your best cans; it'll infuse you. << This is the one for the serious knowledgeable jazz lover...and a great one for all of us. << A strictly-jazz tune but lovely--the kind that can bring folks into the jazz fold--shows them what to expect in the mildly adventurous without going all honk 'n' squeak.
Now for aficionados: