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Thread: Hey made some new tracks that i need some feedback on!;)

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    Thumbs up Hey made some new tracks that i need some feedback on!;)

    Yooo! my name is Kristoffer, and im from Denmark. I love to make music and goof around in my studio. But i need some feedback on my music, so can you guys take 5 min out of your life. Just to give me some feedback?

    Links to my music:

    "The dead ocean"

    "Stone of life"

    Soundcloud link for all my music and future sounds:


    - Chris Eman

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    We'd love to give you feedback and maybe helpful suggestions but you have to make your YouTube and other stuff clickable--yours (so far) aren't. Amend them with all that HoTToP or HoTToPS shtuff and we'll give a listen. Deal? The tricks are A) put your stuff out there (which you've done) and B) make it easy to listen to (which you haven't). Not bustin'; being helpful.
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