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Thread: Get Back to Rock ( First Rock instrumental )

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    Default Get Back to Rock ( First Rock instrumental )

    This is my first rock instrumental. I don't know what I should think about it so please listen to it and tell me what do you think. It's really important for me
    I don't want to get more plays on Soundcloud or something like this
    Please tell me what do you think
    You can share it or whatever if you like it but it's not so important for me
    Thank you for your attention

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    had a listen to this - it does not really hold my attention - where's the bass? And if you listen on headphones the stereo spectrum is all over the place. Not trying to knock your work - but work is what it needs. It also has no real melody so it does not go anywhere. Just my opinion.
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    Thanks for your opinion man
    Your right. I must work with melody and mix becouse it's really bad
    It's time to back to FL and learn more

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